Get underway

Mind the Gap Consulting™ is a business that is well-suited to our time and place. There is greater and greater need for individuals and organizations to work more effectively in diverse contexts and workplaces. The lifelong learning and the challenges that intercultural and diversity work presents is Willow’s passion and she is eager to explore these topics with organizations and individuals at home and abroad.


Mind the Gap Consulting™ offers a number of interactive and customizable evidence-based training sessions. These training sessions include:

  • Introduction to Cultural Diversity
  • Assessing Intercultural Competence: Current Perspectives & Future Plans
  • The Welcoming and Inclusive Workplace
  • Recognizing and Responding to Cross-Cultural Conflict
  • Navigating and Optimizing Diversity in the Workplace

Please note that our Introduction to Cultural Diversity course pairs well with many of our more in-depth training courses.

Connecting and Bridging

Mind the Gap Consulting™ has many connections with various cultural communities and diversity-related organizations, so if you have an interest in learning about a specific kind of experience and/or culture Mind the Gap Consulting™ is happy to explore bringing in other content experts for first-hand perspective presentations, facilitated panel discussion, etc.

I thought that I needed Willow to deliver training, as it turns out I needed her for three huge pieces of work. I needed a skilled professional to help contextualize diversity and intercultural skills in the community employment sector. I was having difficulty figuring out a roadmap. Willow was appreciative, supportive and collaborative in her approach. A plan emerged including training to career practitioners, which she delivered skillfully, demonstrating curiosity and warmth. We have completed phase one and are now building our learning into our monthly community of practice. I would describe Willow as a practical expert who I looking forward to partnering with again soon. Everyone wins!
— Elayne Greeley, Partnership Broker, Community, Career, and Employment Partnership