Navigate and Optimize Diversity.


Mind the Gap Consulting™ assists organizations and individuals navigate and optimize diversity so that they might build their capacity to work more effectively internally within their organizations and externally with their clients.

Mind the Gap’s professional and customizable training, coaching, consulting, and facilitation help build diverse, effective, and collaborative workplaces where difference is a strength.

Our world is becoming increasingly diverse; Immigration to Newfoundland and Labrador is growing and individuals and organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the country’s Indigenous and domestic diversity. Working and living effectively and respectfully in diverse environments rarely happens by chance; it requires organizations, communities, and individuals be intentional in our efforts to learn more about each other. Mind the Gap Consulting™ helps bridge gaps in our understanding so that workplaces and communities can embrace, navigate, and optimize diversity for increased retention and success


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Mind the Gap Consulting™ is built on a strong foundation of work experience, academic training, and global experiential learning. Find out what we can bring to your organization.

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Awareness of diversity-related issues and increased intercultural competence aids innovation, collaboration, and success. Mind the Gap Consulting™ can help you see these results.

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Combining extensive experience, skills, and training, Mind the Gap Consulting™ collaborates with you to help develop your individual or group intercultural competence. Learn more about the services we offer.

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